Earnings by Flat Seal Franchise are guaranteed, as well as a growing market and a looming acceptance. Our product leads as a necessity for all consumers.

Therefore, there’s no shortage of demand. People need tires and whoever need tires also need Flat Seal — we’re still a long way away from flying cars — so our mission is to offer better and unique service than customers can get anywhere else, this will always have them coming back! The industry market itself is huge.

New tire sales in the United States totaled $37.8 billion in 2012, now imagine Flat Seal in each one of the tires. There are 253 million vehicles operating in the U. S. and every vehicle has 4 tires with one spare in the trunk. That’s over 1 billion tires in the U.S. traveling on U.S. highways alone. Flat Seal ensures an amazing investment, no doubt about it.


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