When you own a Flat Seal Franchise, you’re part of the world’s most advanced invention of the 21st century, not to mention one of the most recognized brands, and you get the support and experience that comes with it.

Be part of a winning brand that keeps customers coming back for a safe and smart drive again and again. Our product represents one of the best advances in security for tires (pneumatics) from bicycles to trucks, it is projected as the perfect sealant when a puncture occurs.  With more than 253 million cars in the U.S market, flat seal franchises becomes one of the areas most sought worldwide.

The value of the brand is the most important thing a franchise everywhere. Brand recognition through local advertising and the continued expansion of the distribution network of Flat Seal make a valuable proposition. We do market research at regional and demographic analysis to maximize effectiveness in marketing and advertising and by this we are growing rapidly.

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