You Can Finally Own The Most Affordable And Competitive Franchise That Will Allow You To Emigrate And Work Legally In The United States Of America

Work and live legally in the USA now by owning a brand new FlatSeal franchise!

You will become one of the few lucky investors who will have access to an amazing business opportunity that has no competition in one of the largest markets of earth.

Your goal to emigrate to this country is now 100% possible with a small investment of only $60,000 for now (Prices will increase as soon as our limited spots are filled)


You Can Finally Own The Most Affordable And Competitive Franchise That Will Allow You To Emigrate And Work Legally In The United States Of America.

  • Our product is unique and has no competition; it has been patented and trademarked.
  • FlatSeal's formulation uses the most advanced technology. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly.
  • FlatSeal represents some of the most advanced technologies in tire safety for all types of vehicles, from bicycles to trucks.
  • It is the perfect solution when a tire puncture occurs.
  • It has a potential market of more than 253 million cars in the USA.

E-2 Investor Visa

This non-immigrant visa is reserved for foreign entrepreneurs of countries that have a Treaty of Trade and Commerce with the United States. The E2 investor visa allows foreign investors to enter and work inside of the United States based on an investment in a bona fide enterprise.

Our FlatSeal Franchise meets all legal requirements and is now available for those who desire to emigrate to the USA.

FlatSeal is the only franchise that can be owned for a small investment of $60,000 with a low maintenance monthly fee of only $1,000



E-2 Investor Visa Benefits with our exclusive FlatSeal Franchise!

You can now be one of the next successful owners of this unmatched, unique and revolutionary franchise that will allow you and your family to come, stay and work in the USA legally with a E-2 Investor Visa as a non-immigrant.

Your New Life is only a few steps away!

  • You can apply if you are a national of a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce, such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile, México, Spain, Italy, and others.
  • FlatSeal is about being an owner of your business.
  • The E2 investor visa is approved for 5 years!
    You can renew the visa indefinitely.
  • It includes your family, spouse, and children under 21 years old. They will be able to study, work, and start or participate in any lawful business.
  • Travel whenever you want for as long as you choose. The E2 investor visa has no limit to entrances nor a minimum of stay in the USA.
  • Furthermore, you can participate in other businesses or investments, such as real estate, any lawful business, or a job you find. With your flatSeal Franchise, you will remain legally in the US.

  • Your FlatSeal franchise provides you with Health Insurance for you and your family for the first year.
  • FlatSeal is simple and fast.
  • Our experienced immigration lawyers will prepare all documentation required by the American consulate of your country for approval.
  • Visa approval is fast. In less than 60 days you could be ready to live and work in the USA.
  • FlatSeal is a safe business, unique and has no competition.
  • FlatSeal is easy to manage
  • FlatSeal is cost-effective
  • 95% of the US population needs FlatSeal.
  • FlatSeal is a mobile franchise; therefore you can live in any city or state within the USA, and its monthly cost is only one thousand dollars.  Yes, only US$1,000.




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